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7: Here Comes Gravy Girl! (Paperback)

7: Here Comes Gravy Girl! (Paperback)

Gravy Girl! Enemy of Evil. Non-BFF of Bullydom. Spanker Of Injustice. With awesome super-duper powers and even awesome-er attitude, she has the admiration and respect of the whole, wide world. But what happens when those super-duper powers are gone? When she's just plain ol' Annaleenie, a little schoolgirl with big hopes and dreams -- and a new baby brother on the way? And how will plain ol' Annaleenie stop - THE MOST SERIOUSLY THREATENING MENACE TO EVER REACH THE EARTH!? Find out how - and find out what a hero really is - in this latest and most powerful adventure of the First Family Of Macaroni - The Pasta Family!!!
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    Paperback, 107 pages.
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