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6: Mission Macoroni!!! (Paperback)

6: Mission Macoroni!!! (Paperback)

Live And Let Fry!
Her name is Leenie...Annaleenie! By day, a normal schoolgirl. But in her daydreams, the world's greatest secret agent and superspy! When she gets her biggest assignment yet, she'll learn how the teeniest, tiniest fib can threaten the whole wide world...and her Mommy's top-secret spaghetti sauce! Will Annaleenie save the world from arch-villain Verma Chelly's most evil plan, ever? Will she learn the value of always telling the truth, no matter what? Will she be able to escape the clutches of a giant Macaroni-Mega-Robot before it's too late? Take out your license to thrill and find out in the latest, most spy-riffic, tangiest and most delicious adventure of The First Family Of Macaroni - The Pasta Family!
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    Paperback, 96 pages.
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