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5: Macoroni in Space!!! (Paperback)

5: Macoroni in Space!!! (Paperback)

May The Sauce Be With You!!!
A short time ago in a galaxy very, very close to this one....the Pasta Family goes cosmic! When little Annaleenie tries to save her family's Sunday dinner with store-bought sauce, she goes where no Macaroni has gone before -- into an outer space adventure of fun, action, spaceships, jet-boots and giant, menacing meatball monsters! Will Annaleenie be able to stop the world-destroying plan of space villain Verma Chelly?
Will she face her fears to save the galaxy?

Will she learn the value of the friendship of her loyal crew before it's too late? The answers await in this, the most epic, most spectacular, most futuristic and sci-fy-est adventure of The First Family Of Macaroni -- The Pasta Family!
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    Paperback, 84 pages.
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