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The Pasta


Illustrated adventures for children of all ages


Action-adventure, comedy and family values are the main ingredients in “THE PASTA FAMILY” ALL-AGES Illustrated ADVENTURES –- a series of books starring a family made of macaroni! Join our heroine, Annaleenie, a little girl with a GIANT appetite for adventure, and her family and friends, as life’s challenges are met with warmth, wit, and way-out action! The excitement of Marvel Comics meets the charm of “Peanuts” – and Family Entertainment will NEVER be the same!!! So come on in! Make yourself at home and meet the family – The Pasta Family!

Join The Pasta Family!

Twelve adventures to choose from

The Pasta Family

When baby Annaleenie feels neglected by her family of walking, talking pastas, she learns the true meaning of love and forgiveness. Family values have never been more fun -- or as yummy! "THE PASTA FAMILY" proves that although customs may change with the times, family is the one tradition we can't do without.

46 pages

The Pasta Family 2: First Day of School!

The First Family Of Macaroni returns in an all-new adventure!

It's little Annaleenie's first day of school -- and she's determined to make her first-ever friend in classmate Lynn Gweenie! Will villainous Verma Chelly stand in her way? Not if The Pasta Family sticks together! Fun, family, friendship and a side of meatballs awaits in the latest savory story of The Pasta Family!
36 pages

The Pasta Family 3: Play Ball!!!

America's favorite pastime has never been zestier! When little Annaleenie joins the all-boys baseball team, she's in for a heaping bowlful of life lessons, new experiences, and fun! She'll need her Pasta Family more than ever - especially for her first big game! Head to the bleachers and get a good seat for The Pasta Family's latest and greatest adventure!

58 pages

The Pasta Family 4: Show Time!!!

There's no business know what! When little Annaleenie lands the lead in her school play, she joins a new world of fun, friendship, frenemies and forgiveness! Will sudden stardom go to her head? Will she ever be able to talk to her first big crush, Tony Spumoni? And what's the deal with the mysterious new kid at school? Grab a front row seat for the latest and greatest adventure of The First Family Of Macaroni -- The Pasta Family!
74 pages

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